Strainers are used to protect pipelines and process equipment. Strainers are generally a forgotten item by many however they are very important as they protect expensive pumps and other process equipment down the line.

We work with Weamco to ensure you get the right strainer for the application. Sizing the strainer is vital to safe operation as strainers are not filters and will plug up with debris. Thus designing the right mesh for your strainer is key to protecting the equipment down stream. Weamco’s product line includes strainers in different configurations for a variety of piping configurations, flow volumes, and operating pressures. Weamco is a premier manufacturer of flow strainers for the fluid handling and oil & gas industries.

Some of the strainers available are: 

  • Horizontal pipe run strainers capabilities 2" and larger
  • Vertical pipe run strainers capabilities 2" and larger
  • Tee strainers capabilities 2" and larger
  • Flanged or welded inlet and outlet strainers capabilities 2" and larger
  • Cone type strainers capabilities 2" and larger
  • Y strainers capabilities 4" and larger
  • Available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Alloy Steels

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    Meter Provers

    The accuracy, precision and reliability of meters is always a concern when it comes to custody transfer applications. Meter provers are utilized to check the meter and compare its known volume ”Known Traceable Volume” to the meter output. Weamco has stayed at the forefront of these applications for over 40 years. Detailed design along with meticulous manufacturing standards- you can confidently rest assured that your measurement needs are fully understood and taken care of with Weamco’s expertise.

    Some of the meter prover designs available are: 

    • Bi-directional meter prover – This type of prover is well known and widely used due to their long-term reliability and low maintenance. Weamco has well over 100 units out in the field working today. They have designed straight section provers and complex configurations such as the scorpion tail for specific applications.
    • Uni-Directional meter prover – Uni-directional provers are another style of positive displacement provers, which are to be used with Pulse interpolation counters to increase the resolution in between the detector switches for reduced flows verses the Bi-directional.
    • Portable meter prover – Our capabilities include being able to design and mount a prover on trailers or trucks. These units are typically a bi-directional type prover.
    • Volumetric meter prover – A specialty type of prover used in loading rack type applications. We have designed various styles of this type and can do the same to fit your application needs.

    PECO works with Weamco when sourcing meter provers. Weamco is a premier manufacturer of meter provers for the fluid handling and oil & gas industries.


    Meter Prover Accessories

    Sphere detector switches are used to detect the passage of spheres, pigs, and scrapers in pipelines and meter provers. Weamco owns and manufactures Mag-Tek, the "best and most widely used Prover Sphere Detector Switch in the World.” This is a patented design and Weamco has developed adaptors to fit most mounting systems. We have also developed specific sealing for the switches for dirty applications to ensure longer lasting accurate measurement.

    PECO works with Weamco to source sphere detector switches. Weamco’s Mag-Tek sphere detectors switches are pressure-balanced, piston-actuated proximity switches that allow uni-directional or bi-directional operation. They are known for their accuracy, reliability, and durability. Mag-Tek switches can be installed above or below ground.

    Pipeline Accessories

    Some of the pipeline accessories available are: 

    • Spectacle line blinds
    • Spacer rings
    • Paddle blinds
    • Bleed rings
    • Corrosion coupon holders
    • Sample cooler and vapor tight samples

    Pipeline accessories are available in a range of sizes, operating pressures, and materials. They are manufactured to meet industry and regulatory standards as required.

    PECO works with Weamco to source pipeline accessories. Weamco is a leading manufacturer of pipeline equipment and accessories and is known worldwide for the quality and performance of its products.