Selecting the best damper for an application is important to ensure the highest gas or airflow efficiency. At Kelair Products, Inc., we strive to maximize this flow efficiency while minimizing our customers’ cost. We have found that no single standard design is suitable for all environments and/or applications. That is why we manufacture so many different types of industrial dampers and special options. We work carefully with our customers and reps to choose the best combination of our field proven features and configurations to provide the most reliable and economical solution to their air and gas flow requirements.

Kelair industrial dampers are designed for use in: incineration systems, pollution control, thermal oxidizers, regenerative thermal oxidizers, dust collectors, turbine exhaust, heat recovery and many other process air and gas systems. We work with our customers to engineer Kelair dampers to their exact specifications and requirements. We are expert at engineering and manufacturing complex, heavy duty industrial dampers specializing in custom designs for unusual or severe duty conditions. We are equally proficient at producing simple butterfly industrial dampers, whether they ship one at a time or over a hundred in an order.

Damper Types:

High-Quality Butterfly Dampers
  • Kelair’s Butterfly dampers were developed in response to our customers’ desire for an economical industrial damper that could be used in most applications.
  • Appropriate for flow control and low leakage in systems that regulate clean air, gas, or light particulate, Kelair’s Butterfly dampers can also be engineered to process highly corrosive, abrasive, or high heat air flows.
  • These types of dampers can be a cost-effective means to control and isolate air duct systems. Kelair’s Butterfly dampers are applicable for open-closed service or flow control balancing. Discover the variety of industrial-grade damper products available at Kelair.

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    Industrial Dampers that feature quick actuation, control and isolation
    • Kelair Louver Dampers or Multi-Vane Louver Dampers consist of several blades mounted parallel across a duct. They modulate the flow of air and gas in dry or wet conditions or can isolate and shut them off altogether. Opposing blade type louvers allow the flow to increase or decrease. Parallel blades allow for complete shut off and are particularly useful where space is restricted.
    Dampers that provide dependable, low leak isolation
    • Slide gate dampers or guillotine dampers are a type of industrial damper commonly used when low leakage and low-pressure drop are required. They perform best where flow control is not critical but low leakage is. These types of dampers are well suited for situations where isolation of an air stream or gas flow occurs frequently due to routine maintenance, inspection or repair. Kelair’s heavy duty construction allows for slide gate or guillotine dampers to function reliably in demanding environments with corrosive gas, particulates and high temperature.
    • Kelair’s slide gate dampers provide numerous benefits to your application. They cut through heavy particulates with smooth opening and closing. They have fewer moving parts, therefore less maintenance. If space is an issue, guillotine dampers require less of it along the duct (flange to flange). Overall, slide gate or guillotine dampers benefit the customer with solid, long term operational savings.