Peneguy Equipment Company has the experience and expertise to assist you in sourcing a supplier for pressure vessels, towers, and reactors customized for your application. We specialize sourcing equipment for the oil & gas, refining, chemical processing, petrochemical processing, fluid handling, or processing industries. We have developed long-term relationships with the leading manufacturers in the industry and will work with you to identify the best supplier and equipment for your application.

Taylor Forge Engineered Systems manufactures custom ASME pressure vessels.

Taylor Forge’s line of pressure equipment includes:

  •  Slug catcher vessels
  • ·Separators
  •  High-pressure separators

They are available in a range of sizes, configurations, and materials. Taylor Forge offers design, engineering, fabricating, and commissioning. Certified ASME Section VIII Div I and Div 2, U, U2, S, NA, NPT, NS, R, PP, TEMA – R, C, B and API 660


Slug Catchers

The harp or finger type slug catcher is the most efficient and cost effective method of removing large volumes of liquid from a gas pipeline. Taylor Forge Engineered Systems designed and fabricated their first harp type slug catcher in 1971 and currently have more than one hundred installations operating in the United States, Australia, Europe, Africa and South American. These projects include some of the largest slug catchers ever manufactured with a gas flow of 4,000 MMSCFD and liquid hold-up volume of 50,000 barrels.

Taylor Forge’s efficient design is made possible by their in-house extrusion capability, allowing the most compact design and smallest footprint. They offer complete design, fabrication and the option of field installation. Experience and manufacturing capability, combined with a process guarantee, makes Taylor Forge Engineered Systems the obvious choice for your slug catcher requirements.

Extruded Header/Manifolds

Custom engineered and manufactured headers and manifolds offer design flexibility for outlets, flow tees, and manifold assemblies, maximizing cost saving and minimizing space requirements. Extruded components provide improved performance and durability due to increased strength, reduced fatigue cracking, and the reduction of welded seams. Extruded headers and manifolds are easier to install and maintain

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    We work with Taylor Forge Engineered Systems to source extruded headers, manifolds, and components for custom systems including:

    • Single and multiple outlet headers
    • Flow tees
    • Meter head assemblies
    • Pipeline and station piping assemblies
    • Outlets for scraper traps and pig launchers/receivers
    • Pulsation bottles, extruded per DOT/B31.8 or ASME stamped

    At PECO, we can cut through the clutter and assist you in sourcing your equipment efficiently and cost-effectively. Call today to see how we can assist you with your sourcing decisions.

    Pig Launchers/Receivers

    Pig Launchers/Receivers, also known as Scraper Traps, are generally located at terminal points and at compressor stations along the pipeline and provide a safe and efficient means of inserting and removing various types of pipeline pigs. They are available as skidded packages with manual or automated launching systems.

    PECO works with Taylor Forge Engineered Systems to supply Launcher Receiver systems for a wide range of applications. Taylor Forge has many years of experience building scraper traps from the most basic designs to skid mounted systems for offshore platforms operating at pressures up to 15,000psi. For these higher-pressure units, Taylor Forge can utilize their own proprietary high strength, low alloy material to provide the most cost effective design. Valves and instrumentation can be incorporated in the skid mounted system to reduce field labor and minimize cost. In many cases, Taylor Forge can utilize their extruded outlet capability resulting in a safer, more cost-effective product. Years of experience in the engineering and design of launchers and receivers, along with proprietary materials and specialized manufacturing processes make Taylor Forge the obvious choice for this critical equipment.