Pipeline Equipment & Pipe Fabrication

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Pipeline Equipment & Pipe Fabrication

  • Extruded Headers °
  • Scraper Traps (Pig Launchers & Recievers) °
  • Slug Catchers °
  • Vortex Separators °
  • WEAMCO Meter Provers Pipeline Strainers °

WEAMCO Pipeline Strainers

WeamcoMetric (The First Name in Strainers) has been manufacturing dependable high quality Permanent and Temporary Strainers since 1973. Industries such as Pipelines, Hydrocarbon, Chemical, Power, Gas, Pulp & Paper, Process Plants, and Refineries all over the world have come to depend on WeamcoMetric’s impeccable service, quality and dependability.

TAYLOR FORGE Slug Catchers & Vortex Separators

Taylor Forge Engineered Systems is a leading manufacturer of liquid separation equipment for the pipeline industry for over 40 years. They design and manufacture all types of vessels, components, subassemblies and complete systems for liquid separation.

Economical way to catch large slugs
(thousands of barrels).
Gives predictable particle separation in the
50 micron and up sizes.
Predictable separation up to tens of
thousands of barrels slug size.
Ships in pieces for field assembly with line pipe.
When slug size is large enough to justify the
logistics of field assembly, and B31.8 type
construction is allowed, the harp type
separator/slug catcher will be
considerably cheaper than vessels

Taylor Forge Scraper Traps (Pig Launchers & Receivers)

Taylor Forge Engineered Systems designs and manufactures scraper traps, also known as launcher and receiver traps or pig traps, which accommodate scraper pigs, sphere or ”smart” pigs or combinations of those three.

Taylor Forge Extruded Outlet Headers

Taylor Forge has been manufacturing extruded connections 52 years for the gas transmission, petroleum, petrochemical and nuclear industries.